R&D Center

Polymer Additives Application Research Center


Starbetter’s Polymer Additives Application Research (R&D)Center works as a foundation for new products and technical support. The R&D team is composed by high qualified professional staffs who have strong R&D abilities and rich experience in industrialization. Our engineers can solve formulation problems, extrusion process problems and injection molding problems together with customer’s engineers in the factory.

Research Tenet

Continuous improvement, to provide service on application technique for customer

Continuous creation, to create developing power for our company

Research Direction

Various Additives Application Research

Functional Additives (flame retardants, toughner/compatilizers, lubricants)

Functional Powder (heat and electric conductive graphene with highly dispersibility)

Organic Silicon Products (surface treating, flame retardant, toughner, reactive modifier)

Recent R&D content

The FR synergist without antimony for PVC

The low cost FR synergist for PVC wire & cable

The low cost FR synergist for engineering plastics

The wear-resisting silicon powder for plastics